corporate fashion


One Goal – more and more companies realize that the essence which creates the values… are the employees who need to be taken care of, need to feel comfortable at work and especially during the work process. An integral and truly essential part of this convenience of the person at work is his clothes – his uniform in which he feels comfortable which does not bind him during the movement, looks smart and does not anyhow limit the work activity.

If you want to support your employees, make them feel comfortable in your company and want them to feel fellowship of the company – turn to us and use our services…


KAJA is one from the foremost companies which provide company apparel “Corporate Fashion”. We produce uniforms for domestic as well as foreign companies, agencies and institutions which intend to clearly diversify from the competitors. Our own design and styling department ensures excellence of cutting, high quality of processing and style. Our production and economic department then emphasizes the longevity, flexibility and efficiency of the uniforms. Within our customer care we offer our clients the advisory, sample production, processing of size range of the uniforms for testing at work practice, delivery of the uniforms and logistic with continuous orders. All of this from one source with our best effort.