Our activity

Our activity, process, creativity, esthetics. Each project is for us a challenge and possibility to perform the best we can. With a unique design which is always meeting the request of the client, a first rate quality and elaborated details our products present the best Czech market can offer. The foundation of our work is a superb communication, consultation with the client and understanding of his vision. Thanks to this we are able to help you to promote your business to a higher level.

Employee uniforms

Employee uniforms most commonly represent your brand during the contact with an end customer. They aid your employees to represent the visage of your company. Therefore we emphasize not only a high quality design which promotes your company values but also the first rate processing and quality of the materials. Very essential is likewise the right selection of the sizes. This is for our customer easy thanks to our well-arranged tables and manuals how to measure the right way.

The clothes worn by the employees on the leading positions and managers of the companies must maximally support a dutiful look, underline authority and the rank. Everyday business clothing in defined design which represents identity of the company is a real challenge. It is necessary to pay attention not only to high aesthetics but also to functionality. To get the best quality for the best price.

Manager uniforms

Gastro apparel and hotel trade

The equipment in gastronomy and hotel trade must be more than just a perfect look. These are longevity, functionality and active and simply useable components. Due to our experience in gastro and hotel business we are capable of designing efficient solutions and materials which will be appreciated by your employees during the work practice.

An extreme durability and functionality! We place emphasis always where you request. The performance tests for both of these branches were for us tenders for Czech Army and Czech Police. The selection of the materials and their testing required thoughtful preparation as well as did design and application of function elements. We learnt there that each zipper, fold and stitch is important. With the same accuracy we deal with each new tender which requires resistant, practical and at the same time comfortable uniforms for everyday employment.

Work uniforms

Uniforms for hostesses

The company uniforms for hostesses not only have to look great but also have to fit perfectly. Your hostesses and promoters must look professionally and in their apparel have to feel duly confident. This type of uniforms we prepare for presentation of the companies on the trade fairs and also for various types of sales or presentation promo actions.

We have prepared for our clients all sorts of uniforms and apparel. For the long years of experience we have gained a lot of wisdom concerning work with atypical and unique products. Do not be afraid to contact us even with nontraditional projects. For sure we will find the way and will help you will realization according to your expectation.

Specific apparel