Sophisticated system of order realization

Preparation of the order, communication with the client and clearly defined assignment these are basic anticipations of successful realization. None of these steps is underestimated and we together finalize preparation of the production to the last detail. Before production are particular items such as materials, colors and particular components sampled and thanks to this you can see them in advance in the final appearance.

The entire course of realization of the offer is summarized for you in an independent section.

Final modification of the clothes

Surface and finishing modifications of the clothes are our specialty. We offer, together with colors of the fabrics and details according to your company colors, also other possibilities of branding of all types of the uniforms. For example print of textiles with your logo, overall weaved logos in the fabric, embroidered logos or various types of the print – plastic, iron able. Together we always choose the right option which will be the most suitable for your visual style and particular needs.

Comprehensive service for you and your employees

Once your uniforms are produced – always in time and according to your wish there arise other questions such as:How to choose the proper size?
How to do the additional order properly?

The answer is simple…. KAJA cares for all.

Our experienced workers regulate all organizational processes as are the size tables with measuring manual, a uniform scheme including illustrative photography with manual how to dress it properly. We are able to implement also an electronic order platform which enables your employees to carry out additional order of the uniforms and to monitor their production.

Professional transport of the uniforms

Each order is shipped when properly and safely packed in the box and if you wish also with the name of the facility, possibly with the names of particular employees. We cooperate with shipping companies and this means that your order will be quickly delivered everywhere around the Europe.

Sales returns

Despite it is very rare it can happen that the uniform does not fit properly and it is necessary to repair or replace it. We will do this for you without any delay and the item will be sent back to you together with our written statement.